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This 1955 Studebaker Commander Deluxe (W4) is owned by Bob and Janis Givins.   As most of our membership remembers, Givin's 1955 Coupe was totaled in an accident.  When they determined another Studebaker was in their future, they wanted the more roomy 4 door sedan instead of a five passenger couple like they had.  After a long search and looking at several car, they purchased this car in Red Wing Minnesota.  The Deluxe 4 Door Sedan was the number one selling Studebaker for 1955, actually outselling the similar Champion Deluxe.  This was the middle trim level, between “Custom” and “Regal”. There were 16,768 sold at a base price of $2,014 dollars just $129 dollars more then the Champion, netting you a 259 Cubic Inch V-8 in place of the Champ's in-line six.
This is a second series car, produced after the first of the year (1955) and features the wrap-around windshield, Studebaker called Altra Vista. Notice in the profile photo that the wing window is much shorter then on the earlier models and the dogleg “A” pillar.  This car has several features that were extra cost items.  Duel exhaust (AC-2725), two-tone paint, white wall tires, full wheel covers (AC-249), Automatic Drive, and those front fender top ornaments (AC-2343).  The car has also been upgraded with “Vintage Air” air conditioning and a modern solid state radio.


This 1957 Chevy 210 4 Door Sedan is owned by Fran and Kathy Tremain. The 1957 Chevrolet 210 4 dr. sedan was purchased on eBay, it had spent the last 25 years in a farmers shed in Southwest Missouri.  When we pulled it out of the shed the tires crumbled off of the rims.  The car was red and white, but had originally been gray and white.  The Chevy received an extensive frame on restoration.  It kept its original 235 6 cyl. engine and two speed Power Glide transmission.  New features that were added during the restoration are Vintage Air A/C, Custom Auto Sound Stereo, Dakota cruise control, Electric clock, and Electric wipers replaced the vacuum wipers.

The 1957 Chevrolet is the third version of the tri-five Chevy's (1955, 56, & 57).  It's an American icon and one of the most popular cars to ever come down an assembly line.  Even people not remotely interested in cars can identify a 1957 Chevy.  They know somebody who had one, or they've seen them at car shows, or they spotted a low-mileage original sitting in Grandpa's garage.  That's because more than 1.5 million were built, in 19 body styles and 460 model/color combinations.

The 1957 Chevy was a full face-lift, restyled for the jet age.  The overall look was to be inspired by jet fighters.  Quarter panels were shaped like the tail of an F-86 fighter, the lower edge of the rear bumper caps had a blacked-out area (the black paint is missing on Tremain's car) that was to look like jet exhaust ports. The headlamp bezels were designed to evoke jet engine intakes.  Inside the car, designers installed a jet-age instrument panel.  Chevrolet wanted its customers to feel they were sitting behind something almost supersonic.

On December 8, 1956, it debuted in New York City.  GM Stylist Clare MacKichan oversaw the design. Wanting to add the jet type distinction to the 1957 model, the designers went as extreme as they could while saving the deck, roof and doors from the “55-56” models.  Despite these constraints, the '57 model was 2.5 inches longer and almost 2 inches lower than the '56 models. It has a larger windshield and a lower hood.  Harley Earl wanted the car to look as big as possible.  To accomplish that, stylists stretched the fender profile to an extreme length, pushed the headlamps as far apart as possible and took the grille across the entire front end.

The 210 Four Door Sedan (2103) series was quite popular, with 273,696 (both 6 & V-8) units sold at a base price of $1,967 (V-8 265 base was $2,067), and weighing just 3,409 pounds, running on a 115 inch wheelbase.  That 235 cu. in. six is making an amazing 140 HP, considering at its introduction to car production in 1950 it only made 105 HP. Ref. Classic Car Database.

Gasser Wars magazine did the linked story below in one of their issues this summer. They have given us permission to share the article with you as long as we give them credit.  The article was written by Phil Morris.  It is an article about Gordy Buetsch's dragsters and his life long love of the sport.   Click on the link below "Gasser Wars" and enjoy the article in a seperate window. Enjoy!!!!!!!!

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