Fall Event, eating of course. More eating, great dishes to pass. More eating, great chicken. More eating, great deserts. Sue, Ann, Frank, and Marty. Margret, Bob, Harry, and Helga Jill, Roger, and Roseann Jack and Van Gene and Loni Dave and Donna Karla and Don Marsha and Frank Bob and Janice Ray, Ginger, and Mary Don and Betty Ralph and Lesley Sharon and Ed Lee Bobert Chuck and Linda Warren Paulson Babs and Gail One minute to Win it games - Rubber Bands at Cans, the winner Gene. Putting the puzzle together, the winner was Mary. Keeping the ballons in the air, the winner was Bob. Pulling tissues from the box, the winner was Jill. Getting the cookie in your mouth without dropping it, the winner was Sharon. Getting the marsh mellows into your cup, the winner was Kathy. Catching pencils, this was just to easy, Don Won. Stacking apples, Harry Wins, Jerry lost, crooked apples. Keeping the feather in the air, Roseann won this one going away. And here are your winners.